Roboks administrator can not be the available scripting code for use in the game to use the game developers to simplify games to be used to allow their games and special features to special games administrators.


The command code Robloks went to the special script designed to carry user-specific tasks when playing in their games or order with chat boxes while the GUI text.


These orders are run by Robox users, which means that the robots will not officially introduce them. However, many Robock's command scripts have been detected by users, so they are less reliable than they are now available to the public.

The tasks done like how to get free robux on roblox 2018 by these commands are very common in most games. You just have to enter this order in the chatbox. Below is the most commonly used list of Robolox Administrator commands:


Command result


Fire begins to fire

Immoral fire

FF gives the force field to the player

Unff affects the force effect on the player

Jump-Player is diving

Sparkles make the player sparkle

Cancel Unsparkles Sparkle Command performance

Kill the player killing

Loopers often kill the player

Admins allow players to use command scripts

Unadmin removes the effect of the command on the player

Sit in the game

Trip player travels

Lord Mode makes wild player for every thing in the game

Removes Lord Mode Effect for UnGod Mode Player

Make the visible player visible

Invisible player makes you invisible

If broken, fixes improvements

Kick kick out the player out of the game

The prison creates a prison around the player

Uncertainly clears the effect of the jail command

What is the most popular rockbox administrator commands?

Because every robotox user can create his own admin command script, many of which are available online. But when it becomes the most popular administrator commander in 2018, we have a few names for you.


Command script Person299 Operation Roboks created the 2008 Roboks administrator command by the first year named "Person299" user. On today's date, this is usually the admin command script. As it is now outdated, and it has broken many parts, the script is often launched and is still alive in the popular command list. Today, Kohttroprooh is an admin command script popular with users and is mostly used.


Roblox and more user-friendly Roboks Administrator command list popular on 2017-2018, here they are left in the list:


Admin Command's name issued the year's maintenance status

Person 299 Administrator Command disabled 2008

Hams Administrator Command 2010 disabled

WCommands 2011 disabled

Quinnz GUI Administrator Command 2012 enabled

Coreciis admin order 2012 active

Kohl's admin order 2012 disabled

Scripts manager 2014 disabled

Kohl's manager, Infinity 2015 enabled

TM-A017 activated

Adonis 2017 active


Who can use these admin commands?

Anybody who has developed a robotic game can earn the Robox admin command code from their games simultaneously. Roblox game developers can use these commands.


When you want to create, how to play the developers Robloks, so you can learn Robloks and developers the game on Robloks platform.


How can I learn the game's administrator command?

In each game, you need to know to play the first order in Roblox, you just have all your gossip boxes and enter the headline: "Cmds" to show all orders available in the game.


From there simply download the Robox Administrator command list and use it in your gameplay.


Is it necessary to use these commands while creating games?

This game is very deep in programming game development. If you are building a previously developed game template with your own game, you probably do not need a game of its external manager game. If you start with a blank canvas, you are already able to use your own admin commands to create your game.


You do not have to use the Robox Administrator command in your game.


Can any game hack the game's admin command to edit gameplay?

I have recently noted that it is possible to claim many scams Robox Administrator Command Hack that they are doing this hack. But the truth is that no administrator can hack the command without the involvement of an administrator. All the data and scripts of the game are stored on a secure robot server. Hacking and roblox servers these days are almost impossible.


So the admin command will not be able to hack any.


Is it safe to use admin commands in your game?

Today, hundreds of new government orders have been invented to Robolock users. Many of them are reliable, but many of them have not been tested. If you are an early game developer in Arbox, then I recommend using the above trusted ROBBOX command, which is used by millions of Roxobux developers around the world.


The above command list is 100% real and safe to use.


So, these are all these questions today for this issue.


Is there something about the order of the Roblox Administrator in this article that I missed?


If so, please let me know and I will add your questions to the FAQ list with their intense answer so that other users can get answers to their questions.